Welcome to Adventuromania Off road riding in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania
The tours are suitable from beginner to expert in a breathtaking mountain region.

Ride Thousands of KM of single trails from 1000 mts to 2300 mts with no gates or fences in a region of 10, 000 square metre
 100 % off road covering approx 100 km per day in a wilderness with ever changing terrain.

Our fleet of 15 excellent conditioned bikes will take you through natural beech and oak forests, rolling hills and meadows, rocky sections, river crossings and up to the mountain tops.

Relax in our guesthouse with en-suite rooms, lounge, bar and pool table, our terrace looks out to the garden and archery range

The Banat mountain region you will ride is steeped in history

Around 1767 a regiment was founded in the area to defend the border with the Ottoman empire,. The regiment was made up of local hard mountain men who had good knowledge of the area and all the small mountain paths and ways. For over 100 years they defended the border against The Ottoman empire, with the disappearance of the Turkish threat the regiment faded into history
Today you can roam the same small mountain paths and ways on a lightweight off road bike.

Contact us for a DVD of our Holiday package, which includes lots of typical riding terrain.

Email : sfpalmer@virgin. net - Tel UK (00 44) 01368 840 728 - Romania: 0040 722 138 774